How To Give Flowers To A Woman To Express Your Feelings?

The ancient tradition of giving flowers to a woman, far from being obsolete, still has a bright future ahead of it. Some flowers, such as red roses, have a symbolic value that is deeply rooted in popular culture, while others, such as forget-me-nots, have a meaning that is less well-known to the general public. The language of flowers is very rich and can express a thousand and one emotions.

To deliver a message to a woman of your entourage through a bouquet, you must know how to make the petals speak! Unless you are a professional botanist, the first thing to do to approach this discipline is to know the meaning (more or less) hidden behind the color of flowers. Customs, meanings, and mistakes are not to be made; we tell you everything in this article.

How to choose flowers


Giving flowers to women can often turn into a real disaster if you don’t make the right choice. To avoid such a disaster, selecting a variety of flowers according to their meaning is necessary.

There are several types of flowers that you can give to a woman you love. Here are some examples:

1. The red rose

The rose is one of the most popular flowers because it represents love. But the number of roses you give her also has an important value and meaning.

    • One rose: to say that you are in love at first sight 
    • Two roses: to tell the woman that you are a beautiful duo 
    • Three roses: to declare your love 
    • Six roses: to reassure her that you are faithful to her 
    • Seven roses: to say you’re crazy about her 
    • Nine roses: to show you’ll always love her 
    • Ten roses: to show that she’s the perfect woman 
    • Eleven Roses: she’s the only love of your life 
    • Twelve Roses: for a proposal of marriage 
    • Thirteen Roses: to show you admire her 
    • Fifteen roses: to ask for her forgiveness 
    • Twenty roses: to prove your feelings are sincere and honest 

These are just examples, but you can offer up to more than 100 roses.

2. Gladiolus, hydrangea, lilac…

You can also offer other flowers, such as gladiolus, hydrangea, or lilac, to a woman. The first one is, for example, an effective way to try your luck. You can also ask the advice of a florist. He will be very happy to advise and welcome you to his flower store.

Finding the best way to give flowers

Once you have chosen the flowers that match the statement you wish to make, it is time to find the best way to offer them. In any case, they should be accompanied by a little note if you decide to have the flowers delivered to her home. The surprise effect is guaranteed, and this will only increase your chances.

Wait for the right moment.

You don’t give flowers to a girl or a woman at any time. The best advice we can give you is to wait for a special occasion. For example, Valentine’s Day is a great time to give flowers and make a declaration of love.

The most important thing is to know how to vary the pleasures according to the situation and the seasons. The agapanthus is, for example, the ideal flower for a candlelight dinner. Camellia is just the thing for a formal reception.

Make sure your feelings are reciprocated.


It’s only natural to be concerned about the response the woman might give you. But to be 100% sure, the feeling is reciprocated, offering her a tulip, dahlia, gardenia, or sunflower. If she accepts them, it means she feels the same way about you.

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