9 Different Types of Hugs And Their Meanings

Did you know that the way you hug tells you a lot more than you can even imagine? There is nothing more soothing than hugging a closed one. You might not have given it a thought yet, but many hugs convey different messages between people. Whether between parents and kids, friends or lovers, hugs strengthen our bonds while making us feel happier. This also applies to hugs between potential life partners. Hugs can say a lot about your relationship. Let’s look at what these fifteen different types of hugs reveal.



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It’s more of a friendly gesture. When a person wraps his arms around you and pats, his back is easily a friend’s hug. It generally shows the good friendship that two people share. If a girl gives you a “Buddy Hug”, she has friend-zoned you for life.



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This is something more than just a friendly gesture; It’s a hot moment for a girl and a boy. Both boy and girl are wrapped in each other’s arms, and the girl rests slightly on her head on the boys’ shoulder. If something like this happens, you have a sleepy shoulder hug. In this hug, the gesture from the girl shows that she really feels safe and secure in your arms.



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This is a formal hug, the one who is there just for that. A polite or a small smile will make your lips bending slightly and hugging while making sure you do not touch each other. These kinds of hugs usually happen on the first day because there is a lot of nervousness or a feeling of detachment, which is when you are not willing to go any further with the date.



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That’s the most popular and shared by almost everyone, sometimes even lovers. Most of the time, you get it or see it when two people have met each other after a very long time. You missed each other, and this warmed bear hug conveys your love/affection and how much you missed them.



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This hug generally happens when you are done with the conversation and are rushing in different directions. This speed tells the other person that it was nice to meet them and now you have to leave.



This hug should not be called a hug at all; the reason is its cold vibes that people share with the hugs while hugs are meant to be warm. In this hug, one person hugs while the other just stand there like a statue, with no expression or response to the hug. This hug gives the vibes that the other person, who is not hugging back, has lost interest in you and now does not give much attention to you.



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This hug is mostly shared while you are all cozy and comfortable on the couch with someone while watching TV. This is when you sometimes stumble, which means that you two are very comfortable in each other’s presence.



This hug makes your heart flutter as it comes out very passionately. Someone who likes you, or loves you, will push you hard in the arms.



You’re busy in the kitchen, cleaning the dishes or preparing dinner, and your lover comes from behind, covering your body from behind, protecting you while pulling you close to them and make you feel desirable. This person is ready to protect you and is not afraid of responsibility. Even if they haven’t said the words yet, the person who keeps you like that is in love with you. It could mean they crave closer ties but thinks you’re not available, and so they avoid hugging face to face because they’re worried you’re not in them.


So, now you know all about hugs, what hug should you give to the one you love?







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