Impossible to Find Lifetime Love? Secrets From Couples Married for Decades (Part 1)

You can fall in love. You can fall out of love. But, you can never find lifetime love.

Unfortunately, many couples have fallen for this myth.

I just hope this article can help you get a different perspective of lifetime love and can give you the strength to fight for who you love.

#1. Opposites Don’t Always Make Great Marriage Partners

Opposites Don’t Always Make Great Marriage Partners

Opposites attract…

It’s difficult for me to understand when or how this rule of physics was applied to real-life couples and relationships.

I mean, I get science explanation of the force driven between magnets, but how can the same be applied to the human species?

Bad boys and good girls (or even nerds). Tall and short. Dog lover and cat person. Logical and Emotional.

From movies to novels, we’ve all heard of these typical stereotypes and you might even know some couples who are living examples of this romantic concept.

But, think about it again: is it better to be “opposites attract” or “two peas in a pod?”

This tricky combination, where one is a healthy eater and the other a junk food lover, can prove to be more toxic than you could ever imagine.

There is a reason why many married couples are able to make it through even 50 years of living together. It’s because they’ve started out with similar values and interests.

Surprisingly, it turns out that even science backs up this notion. A study from the National Academy of Sciences found that individuals who chose people with nearly similar personalities and preferences were more likely to have a long, successful marriage.

But, what happens in case you do make that choice?

Well, this leads us to the following secret, which is:

#2. Accept Your Partner for Who They Are

Accept Your Partner for Who They Are

I can practically hear the arguments taking place:

I can’t believe how you can stay in a dirty place.”

Why are you such a junk foodie?”

What’s the problem with watching a nice romantic movie?”

Just because you are a neat freak doesn’t mean you always have to blame your hubby for being a mess maker.

Hating your partner for always being late when you are always fashionably early will not do any good to your relationship.

The message you are actually sending when you are blaming your partner is that you don’t love them enough to accept them for who they truly are.

Why do you need to change them? Why are you looking for yourself in them?

Aren’t they the same people with whom you’ve decided to spend your whole life?

How can you forget back in those days when their voice used to be enough to raise the hairs on your skin? Or, when their smile was enough to make you happy for a long time?

The moment your partner walked into your life is the moment you should accept all their strengths and weaknesses.

#3. Always End the Night Positively

Always End the Night Positively

It’s super late, you are sleepy and so is your partner.

So, why do you always have to bring up issues at night?

Trust me, it’s not only you. We’ve all went through that phase.

I don’t know if there’s any logical reason behind it, but there is definitely something about arguing during those late-night hours.

It’s a mistake that most couples make.

Not that I’m saying arguing is not good. It is, how I always say, “an unconscious step towards a stronger relationship.”

However, a couple fights at this time can eventually lead to one shedding tears while the other sleeps on the couch.

See, it starts with just one frustrating word and this one word leads to another and to another, till one hour is wasted, leaving you in pain and with an aching heart.

If you don’t want yourself to end up crying till 2 in the morning, don’t let your relationship fall trap to these weak moments.

One truly inspiring piece of advice given by a couple is to make sure you resolve any disagreements with your partner before you turn in for the night.

What is your secret to a long-lasting and happily-ever-after love?

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