Best Gifts Ideas For Your Man – Give Him What He Wants!

With smartphones and smartwatches, does anyone still bother to wear an ordinary watch? The answer is a resounding YES! Watches are also one of the most classy and memorable gifts you can give your man. Everyone loves getting presents. At the same time, we also enjoy gifting our loved ones with tons of goodies. Purchasing a timepiece for your significant other is a real pampering gesture. If you’ve just hit it off with someone, it represents a sparkling and inspirational sign of devotion and exquisite taste. And if you’ve been together since the beginning of time, this shows that you can still wow your sweetheart in the most considerate way possible.

Wristwatches are one of the most popular choices when it comes to gift ideas. They have a simple, elegant, fashionable and groundbreaking design and have, without a doubt, always been a classic for most of us. However, choosing such a personal piece, which is an integral part of one’s style and can be daunting on behalf of someone else. The main question is, what watch model should you choose? From Longines’ sporty style to Mido’s wristwatches, some stores offer an impressive selection of watches for men and women, as well as custom-made necklaces, bracelets and pendants… everything to make your job easier, or more difficult? But don’t fret right away, because we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of things to keep an eye on when buying your man’s watches. So here’s our ultimate guide to choosing the right style for your paramour!

#1. Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Chance

Why is it so tough to buy stuff for guys? Mow, not all guys are like that. Of course, some give you a detailed list of what they want, right down to part numbers and the store to get the item. Others, though. Others…are pickier. If you’ve ever been stuck figuring out the kind of gift to give your boyfriend or husband, you can certainly relate. But, you shouldn’t be afraid to jump the gun! Within 28 days, you can return the watch of your purchase, and your partner can easily pick a different watch instead. However, in some cases, it’s best to ask your partner a few questions about the kind of watch they like. Inconspicuously, of course! Try to do this on time, so they will not expect you to pick out a timepiece. Ask questions about their favourite watch style, or show them a picture of a watch and observe their reaction.

#2. Opt for the Appropriate Size of the Watch

Of course, you must consider the right size and proportion when buying a new watch as a gift. Dimension is an overriding factor when choosing a watch that will match your lover’s style. A watch that is way too big or too small can seem uncomfortable on the wrist. When choosing a men’s watch, avoid narrow watch straps. Generally, you can choose a watch with a diameter between 34 mm and 50 mm.

#3. Custom Made Watches

If you want an extraordinary and unique watch for someone you care for, you can customize your watch. Wood is a versatile material that can be modified to any desire, that’s why wooden watches are the most beautiful watches of all. Custom made wooden watch is an original gift for everyone. Is it a friend, family member, or your life partner, it’s a gift for a lifetime, that will continuously remind the person of you.

#4. Watch Movements

There are different types of watch movements; however, they generally fall into two broad categories, namely quartz movements and mechanical movements. How do you know if a watch has a manual or quartz movement? Simply pay attention to the second hand. In a quartz watch, the second hand produces a ticking motion that moves once per second. A mechanical watch, on the other hand, involves sweeping and smooth movements, which is why many luxury watch brands use automatic or mechanical movements on their timepieces.

#5. Know Their Style

Last but not least, make sure the watch you pick is one that matches his lifestyle. The best wristwatch will always be the one that reflects his style and his hobbies. For example, a gym rat might want an accessory that’s multi-functional and durable, while a man with a keen sense of fashion might choose to wear something sleek with a leather strap. It can also be beneficial to ask your boyfriend’s family to help you select a watch if you’re unsure of his tastes.

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