If I Were to Write a Love Letter…

What? Write a love letter?

Well, better offer your crush a relic from the olden days.


This present era of instant and more impersonal forms of communication has somewhere degenerated the real meaning of love.

At a time when people were separated by distance barriers, love was more kept as a treasure to be cherished forever.

If you go back in time, some centuries ago, long before the emergence of the net, you’d find that a man’s only tool to woo a “lady” was through a love letter.

It was the only method for millions of men to profess their feelings and capture the hearts of women. Not that I’m forgetting how sex also played an important role in “pursuing” the relationship.

But, back then, it was uncommon to find men manifesting or women appreciating acts of love through hashtag this and hashtag that.

I agree that no matter how beautifully written a love letter is, it’s still a painstakingly slow form of communication in the romance department.

But, once in a while, isn’t it nice to go beyond the normal just for the sake of the one who’s happily devoted and hopelessly in love with you?

#1. Get Ready to Be All Vulnerable

Get Ready to Be All Vulnerable

Sometimes, you know it’s more than just having an innocent crush. It’s much more than infatuation. It goes even beyond the sex.

But, you don’t always have the guts to say it.

Hmm… how hard can it be to say, ‘I fell for you?”

Harder than that organic chemistry exam.

You might not realize it but writing a love letter will dare you to take that one step forward, open your heart and be vulnerable enough to say how your heart goes pop, pop, pop with their one glance.

You’ll be talking your heart out to them, putting aside any nervousness and timidity and expressing your feelings for the dazzling person who entered your life.

#2. Start With a Personal Greeting

Start With a Personal Greeting

Dear John, I-  

Wait, what?

Oh, come on, it’s a love letter to your significant other, not a complaint letter to the rector of your school (though I doubt you’d say dear for a rector).

You can’t forget the first time you’ve seen him. No matter for how much time you’ve been together, still every time you see him, your heartbeat quickens. His one single caress is enough to get every single atom of your body burning in flames.

Isn’t that what you’ve been feeling all this time? Isn’t that what you’ve planned to tell him in that love letter?

So, why the hell do you have to ruin the beginning with a “dear john and blab la bla…?”

It’s your love letter, not an essay, so try making it as unique and personalized as you can.

#3. You Can State the Purpose of Your Letter

You Can State the Purpose of Your Letter

I know a love letter is all about making your crush feel special and letting your emotions flow without any care of direction.

But, you’d want to establish right away that it’s a love letter and what’s lying ahead.

You can go with something like, “You know how I’m bad at expressing my feelings. But today I’ve been thinking about how much I love you and how much I need to tell you this. I need to tell you how much special you’ve made this unromantic feel ever since you walked in her life.”

#4. Recall a Romantic Memory

Recall a Romantic Memory

The times you had together are probably the best days of your life.

Days when he made you laugh so hard, your sides hurt. Days when he understood you better than others. Days when he shared his deepest fears with you. Days when he was just there for you.

Conjuring old feelings and going down memory lane is the best way to tell your man how much he means to you.

That’s just a little sneak peek of what you really need to include in your love letter. But if that was inspirational enough, why don’t you take that pen and get into writing?












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