Large Family: How to Teach Children the Rules of Etiquette?

The rules of good manners include all the standards a person must have to behave well in society. It is, therefore, a set of good manners that are essential for an individual to acclimate perfectly to the world around him. This is why parents are advised to teach their children good ways from a very young age. However, parents with a large family find it more difficult, as they have to manage several things simultaneously. So, how do you go about teaching your children these rules?

Call a Meeting and Explain the Situation

It is well known that communication is the foundation of everything. In fact, you can’t do anything concrete without communication. This is especially true when it comes to a large family. Everyone is often busy and always has very little time. So, before you start teaching your children anything, you should call them and explain your new dynamics. Remember that it is best to have the whole family together so everyone is on the same level of information.

During this meeting, explain that you will now change your daily dynamic and teach them some manners. Since we are talking about children, it is recommended that you explain in clear and simple terms.

Setting an Example for Your Children

Parents are a reference point for all children. Their offspring often repeat the actions they reproduce or the words they use. This is why a good parent must always be exemplary because the image he or she gives rubs off on the child. In a large family, time is a very precious concept. If you can’t spend a few hours a day teaching your child the basic rules, it won’t work.

For example, be polite during a conversation in their presence. Never speak up while someone else is speaking. Then explain to them why you are doing so.

Also, when you go out, always greet people you meet even if you don’t know them. Then explain to your children that this is a great sign of respect.

In fact, when your children know why they are doing a specific action, they will remember it more easily. Plus, they’ll repeat it as often as possible because they understand the value of their actions.

Set Some Rules at Home

Admittedly, setting a good example is not enough to make your children good people in society. In fact, you also need to set some strict rules at home. It’s essential to do so with their ages in mind as well. When it comes to regulations, for example, teach your children to say good morning to everyone in the family in the morning. This is a basic rule of etiquette. In addition, they should also say thank you every time they receive a gift or a token of attention. This shows that they are grateful, no matter what they receive.

Be Patient and Don’t Get Angry

Instilling these types of rules in children can be very exhausting at times. Not only do children sometimes have a hard time getting it right the first time, but some can be very resistant. You need to be patient and willing.

Also, if one of your children is rude or refuses to comply, don’t raise your voice. Talk to them and gently ask them to do what they refuse to do or do it for them to set an example. Later, you can return to the subject to make him aware of it.

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