The Changing Relationship Between Fathers and Daughters During Adolescence

Fathers’ relationships with their daughters always differ from those with their children. Although this type of relationship varies from one parent to another, it must be recognized that it has a considerable impact on the future of the girl. Girls tend to look to their fathers as the first man in their lives and their first reference point. During the teenage years, many changes take place between the father and the daughter. A hormonal storm sets in, and the relationship changes completely. What explains this sudden upheaval, and how can this situation be managed?

The Reasons for the Change in the Father-Daughter Relationship During Adolescence

It is well known that when the teenage years come around, all children change a little, regardless of gender. This is especially true when it comes to girls. Girls experience more physiological changes than boys and are much more eager to experiment with several things.

Since their early childhood, their father was the center of their world. At the age of adolescence, a small distance is observed. It is the beginning of radical changes between the father and his little protégée. Indeed, this last one does not consider her dad as her first male reference anymore. Although the father’s place in her heart does not change, it is essential to note that the girl begins to explore new horizons at this age and during this period. As a result, she doesn’t enjoy having her daddy around so much anymore, as she starts to become a woman. She spends a little less time with him. A period of turmoil begins because she starts to impose rules on her dad. He can no longer come into her room without knocking, for example, nor can he use affectionate language all the time.

It is essential to know that the way of perceiving the girl changes completely. She even gets very close to her mother and confides in her more. For her, the father can not understand the changes that she undergoes, and this causes the father to withdraw a little from his daughter’s life.

The Right Moves to Manage This Father-Daughter Upheaval During the Teenage Years

Although it is difficult, it must be admitted that all fathers can manage this change with peace of mind. Young girls also need to take steps to ensure that this upheaval doesn’t become a full-blown problem. To do this, they should always remember that their dad only wants the best for them and that he is the one who showed them the way. They should therefore try not to be too hard on these first men in their lives.

However, it is essential to note that the father does the most significant job. For a more or less stable relationship to develop between the two, he must be respectful of his daughter’s privacy. Indeed, some fathers have difficulty knowing their limits and complying with their children’s demands. This attitude worsens the situation and creates a greater distance between them.

Apart from this respect, fathers need to accept the changes and remember that this is a temporary period. They must be patient with their daughter’s various changes.

Also, as a father, you can offer your listening ear to your offspring. This allows her to see that you are still there for her and that she can confide in you.

All in all, the father-daughter relationship changes entirely during the teenage years. The parent needs to understand their offspring and give them some space. Although it is difficult, always keep in mind that this upheaval is temporary!

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