Signs of a Jealous and Possessive Boyfriend (Part 1)


Where jealousy and possessiveness might look great on screen, there’s nothing fun and adorable about it in reality.

I get that a protective boyfriend represents someone who just doesn’t want to lose the opportunity to be with you, but a jealous and possessive boyfriend does nothing out of love.

It all comes to the sheer need of wanting to control and manipulate someone.

So, before things start getting out of control, here are the signs that you should be wary about.

#1. He Cannot Tolerate You Praising Someone Else

He Cannot Tolerate You Praising Someone Else

I don’t think anything can brighten your day as much as a sincere compliment from the person who’s close to your heart.

But, what happens when you talk highly of someone of the opposite sex in front of your partner?

My take on it is compliments are harmless. I mean, if you have a stable relationship, where truth and honesty prevail, complimenting someone cannot possibly ruin your relationship. It’s not as if you are going to sleep with that person, is it?

But, I suppose not all partners like that.

You might be just passing a casual compliment to another guy, might even be a friend guy and still, your boyfriend burns with jealousy.

Thing is, they feel masculine and comfortable when they have your complete attention and love. But, the moment you compliment someone, it’s as if you are devoting this attention to someone else, which piques at his masculine ego.

Oh and note down that not all men will actually express their displeasure. Some might even put on a smile and try to act normal when they are actually boiling like a pressure cooker.

#2. He Decides What You Must Wear

He Decides What You Must Wear

Okay, no matter how or where you met him or how compatible you two are, do you really think you can let your boyfriend choose your wardrobe?

Some say they find it really cute when their sweethearts ask them to “cover themselves.” They believe it’s a sign that they care.

To some extent, I can agree. I mean, I don’t think your boyfriend’s going to take you to meet his parents while you are wearing nothing but lingerie.

However, things can get really ugly once he says things like “you represent me” or “the way you dress embarrasses me completely.”

Some people take lots of time, even years, to appreciate their own bodies and honestly, there’s nothing wrong wanting to show off some of your special “features.”

But, I guess there’s something wrong when he keeps deciding what you need to wear. You have all the right to wear anything you like and your boyfriend should be the first person to understand you the most. You want to be comfortable around him and do not want him to discipline you like a father would with his 6-year-old.

What really sets off the alarm bells is when his manipulative behavior goes to the next level, with him threatening to break up with you if you don’t start taking his fashion advice.

This is not love my friend, it’s called control.

And, let me clarify: this section also concerns married people.

If your spouse is dictating what you should wear, it’s time for you to draw the line. There’s a difference between married and enslaved.

Bottom line: Never let your boyfriend tell you what to wear.

#3. They Get Paranoid About Other Men’s Presence Around You

They Get Paranoid About Other Men’s Presence Around You

Hmm…honestly, I’d say men can get jealous for a lot of reasons.

See, my take on it is men will try different ways to win the attention and, of course, the heart of a woman. Once they’ve got that, they believe they should get their undivided attention and affection.

So, indirectly, when you are communicating with another guy – whether it’s a friend, a teacher, a colleague, or simply a stranger asking you for directions – your man is undoubtedly going to get super jealous because, for him, you’ve just given his share of attention with someone else.

It all comes down to the territorial thing.

Even though this might seems pretty cute to you at the beginning, slowly, slowly, once the insecurities will be revealed, the relationship can start getting far more toxic than you ever imagined.

When’s the last time your boyfriend told you to wear more revealing clothes? Ever had a lover who couldn’t see you interacting with other guy friends? You can share your experience with us in the comment section below.


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