Signs of a Jealous and Possessive Boyfriend (Part 2)

My boyfriend is jealous and possessive.


Wow…I’m so lucky.




To me, it sounds less like good news and more like the poisonous venom from a snake bite.


Hundred of things can actually attack a relationship without notice, making things worse and jealousy is one of them.


#1. He Keeps You Away From Your Friends and Family

He Keeps You Away From Your Friends and Family


“Honey, it’s Saturday and I’ve got to meet my friends today.”


“Are you meeting them alone? Can I tag along? I mean, I miss you so much when you are not with me.”


Do you hear that often?


Many will take this as acute reaction when it’s the complete opposite.


You might consider yourself to be lucky, but there’s something wrong with a boyfriend who tries to keep you away from other important people in your life.


This is not a sign of love and passion but a piece of bad news.


This type of dark jealousy starts boiling when you keep bringing your friends and family members into your conversations. You’ll notice how he will keep pivoting your attention back to him.


He will go further by preventing you from hanging out with them, coming up with random reasons and always throwing tantrums.


The deep jealousy rises to the surface as soon as he starts criticizing your friends, especially the guy ones, bringing up past issues you’ve encountered with them and doing everything they can to turn you against them.


Recent psychological studies have proved how men simply dislike when their girlfriends give their share of attention to their loved ones. He considers them as a threat to his relationship and this is why his insecurity fares up more when you take the time to be with your friends.


Once he is able to isolate you from your friends and family, your only support will be him.


#2. Decision Making Is Something That He Won’t Let You Do Alone

Decision Making Is Something That He Won’t Let You Do Alone


No matter how serious you are about your relationship, you cannot let your partner make all your decisions.


I get that when you were living life solo, decision-making was in your hands only. However, once you’ve opened that joint account, any decision you’ll take will definitely have an impact on your significant other. So, I agree the least you can do is to consult each other before making any major decisions.


But, the degree to which you let your partner control your decisions is entirely up to you.


If you think about it, you are not a kid anymore and you know what’s right and wrong for you.


Let’s be frank here: most of the time, when your partner is making decisions for you, it feels like caring and more coercion.


Things become worse when your partner makes big decisions without your consent and knowledge. Acting on your behalf and going against your wishes expresses the mere desire of your partner to control you.


Indirectly, you might feel as if they are showing you your worth in the relationship: that you are just a non-significant element. Which is not completely true – that’s just their fears and insecurities talking.


However, I don’t think you should hold on to this form of control.


#3. He Absolutely Hates Space

He Absolutely Hates Space

You can love your boyfriend to infinity and appreciate the feeling the peace and joy his presence brings you, but the need of “me time” is inevitable and unconditional.


No matter how much happy you are in your relationship, you need to set certain boundaries and give yourself some private time where you have the chance to reflect, learn and evolve.


Trust me, this personal time can sometimes prove to be the key to a long-lasting relationship.


Experts claim that privacy in a relationship does more good than having a good sex life.


But, does your boyfriend agree with this concept?

Or, does he constantly whine about the fact that you don’t like spending time with him?


Honestly, for me, a man that drives you absolutely bonkers by dominating your space, is a strong sign that he needs a good kick on the balls.



Based on these signs, tell me: do you have a caring boyfriend who advises you or a manipulative one who throws orders at you?



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