10 Signs It’s Time to Make a Relationship Official

Ah, those flirty beginnings, exciting texts and first few dates.

I know exactly how it feels when you’ve met that one special person and at the beginning, everything feels just great. However, the “where is this going” phase will come and will torture you to a great extent.

But, if you want to avoid that horrible discomfort and ditch that guessing time, here are ten signs that will tell you it’s high time to make it official, baby!

#1. You Are Sleeping Together

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Not that you are just cuddling with your romantic partner and sleeping in the same bed. But, you are literally eating each other out.

Religious preferences aside, this is something I personally think is important in a relationship. Unlike many who claim that trust and love is enough to make a relationship last, I think sex is that element which will tell you where your relationship stands.

#2. The Relationship Has Evolved Beyond Just Sex

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Of course, other than having intercourse, there exists a world where you can spend most of your precious time with your beloved. You hang out at each other’s places, watch movies together and eat together. When you have reached this level where you are comfortable to do anything with your partner, it’s a sign you are ready to go official.

#3. You’ve Become an “Us”

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Isn’t it really heart-touching when she says “we” instead of “me?” Or, isn’t it beautiful when he talks about both of you in the future tense?

#4. Your Partner Puts in Effort

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Your partner had a very long and tiring week but still took the time out to plan a romantic date for you. You moved to a new house, which is very, very far away from his place. But, interesting how despite that, he still visits you every day.

These extra efforts that your partner is putting in are an indication that you are in a serious couple relationship.

#5. You’ve Got To Know Each Other Pretty WellCouple Beach Bicycles Bicycles Holding Hands

Ok. What’s the favorite food of your partner? Too easy? Well, what’s his least favorite genre of music? And, how about this one: what’s his all-time favorite Marvel movie?

If by now, you know all your partner’s likes, dislikes, fav food, fav movies and actors, then what are you waiting for? Make that relationship official!

#6. Conversations Happen Naturally

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Imagine you went on a blind date, thinking you would meet Chris Hemsworth or Orlando Bloom but ended up with Arnau from Safety Not Guaranteed. And, needless to say, that you spent the whole evening having weird conversations (or rather, listening) about science fiction and fantasy (not that I am criticizing nerds, as I am one myself).

But, my point here is that in a true relationship, there shouldn’t be any awkwardness or forced talks. Conversations should flow smoothly and automatically where neither of you should put in any effort.

#7. You Know at Least Something About Each Others’ Upbringing

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Now, I am not saying that you have to learn by heart his family’s tree, but you should at least know what his surname is (please tell me you know that), how many siblings he has, where he was born and where he grew up.

#8. You’ve Broken Pretty Much All Dating Rules With This Person

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You know some of the basic rules of dating: wait at least 48 hours before texting, wait for him to send a friend request first, should kiss on the first date and so on.

But, if you’ve broken all these rules, then don’t worry, you are just paving your own way and not following any textbook rules (which is really good).

#9. You Have a Lot in Common

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Both are you can’t stand the British accent of Madonna In The Next Best Thing. 

You follow the same religion (that is, the religion of not believing in any religions).

Your hobbies are pretty much the same.

#10. You Are Bffs

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You are not only romantic partners. You are best buddies. You are not only sleeping together. You are telling each other everything (including all those nasty secrets from your past).

Afraid it’s not going to work out? Scared they might just leave your hand in the middle of the road? Well, if so, my dear friend, let me tell you, you are not alone in this. We’ve all been through this phase. Some of us succeeded. Some didn’t. But, if you want a regret-free life, now is the time to give your relationship a chance.


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