17 Signs That Your Partner Is A Control Freak (Part 1)

Love is beautiful when it is honest, free from lies, full of confidence and desires to be better next to the loved one. The truth is that not all relationships are like this or change after a while. Yes, it happens to many women and men that their partner is the most perfect at the beginning of love. But after a while, it changes and shows what is not exactly their best face; this life next to that person stops being a dream and soon becomes a nightmare from which you do not know how to get out. Many people feel unhappy in their relationship but cannot identify why they no longer feel comfortable around those they think they love. The attitudes that I will describe below expose a situation where someone in a couple is subject to the control of their partner (obviously dominant – I hope this is not your case). So, what are the signs of a controlling partner?


#1. They choose how you dress. The situation goes from less to more; First, they will suggest that something does not suit you, and then they will invade more of the intimate field to the point that you feel attacked by their opinions regarding your taste in clothing. 


#2. They want to know your passwords. They will not agree at any cost that you secure your cell phone with a password. They will want to know those of your social networks or more to know what you do so much. If they discover that you have worked out an alternate plan to handle what you consider individuality to your heart’s content, look out for a good problem. 

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#3. They will want a joint bank account. To have control of what you spend, they will tell you that it is best that they only manage a savings account or that the credit accounts are of common use for both, and believe me – control freaks will not give up until they convince you of that “is the best for you.” 


#4. They keep calling you, regardless of the time. At first, they will call you from time to time, pretending to be worried; they are just controlling what you do. Then the situation intensifies, do not think of “leaving your mobile phone forgotten” at home, put it in silence mode, or say that the battery has run out because if they call you and you do not answer soon, you’re doomed! They’ll cause unnecessary drama and even accuse you of cheating on them.


#5. You’re now living on eggshells…You have started measuring your actions to take care of their reaction. And you’ll soon realize that you’ve “returned” to puberty since you are almost surprised by asking permission for everything you are going to do. You ask permission because you don’t want a scene from them. And that’s already way too invasive. 


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#6. You no longer go to your family or friends. Your family or friends have become the object of complaints. And, if your close ones are going to see you, they will behave rudely to make you feel uncomfortable. For them, it’s like they have successfully achieved their goal of making the visits of your loved ones more distanced until they become non-existent. 


#7. They will want to know the content of your emails, even professional ones! They will find a way to read your correspondence or email over your head – for they you do not have the right to private life. 


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