17 Signs That Your Partner Is A Control Freak (Part 2)

Toxic and unhealthy relationships are complicated and can take anyone by surprise. It can be easy to miss the warning signs in a relationship, as many signs of a controlling relationship are not obvious or easy to recognize. Often we interpret these patterns of controlling behavior as our partner being too loving, too trusting, or afraid of losing us. It is even more challenging to recognize the signs of controlling behavior: the desire to dominate and gain power. Once you understand the signs of a controlling relationship, you can assess whether you are in a controlling relationship. So, what are the signs of a controlling partner? Let’s see below – This blog is a continuation of the first part.


#8. You are nervous…You begin to notice that you startle every time they enter where you are; This is evidence that you are no longer comfortable in their presence. 


#9. They control every single coin you spend. Even if it is the money you earn for your work, they will blame you. Also, when you feel that you can no longer even buy a pair of shoes without them controlling it, you can say that all respect limits have already passed. 

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#10. It’s like you don’t have a voice and the right to decide anything. They choose EVERYTHING for both of you: meals, travel, outings, and so on… You can give your opinion, but it will be of no use because, for them, your taste is dull or lacking in class or whatever comes to mind; the joke is that they are the ones in power. 


#11. They’ll make you feel that you are never enough in any way, be the food you prepare or how you arrange the room or clothes. They always come up with something to put you down and criticize you, quite offensively. Be careful because your spirit and self-esteem are the most affected. And all these will do nothing but destroy you in all aspects. 

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#12. You start to lie to them. Lying is not your thing, but you’re left with no choice. You have discovered that lying to them gives you a bit of the freedom you have lost by their side. You also take care that they never learn your pretty little lies because you know that their reaction will be violent. 


#13. They make fun of you. One thing is a joke; the other is that you are the object of their constant mockery, that is psychological violence that you should NEVER allow. 


#14. Guilt is your daily bread. You do not know how you came to feel guilty about things you do not even do, but you know that they have led you to that situation. 


#15. They begin to follow you EVERYWHERE. If you have gone out with a friend and suddenly appear at the place where you were eating with your friends, they don’t think it is a coincidence: they were following you. 

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#16. Your closed ones tell you that you are no longer the same as before. Others perceive you better than yourself, so pay attention to what they tell you because they will be objective when telling you honestly if you have changed for the better or are just losing yourself inside of an unhealthy relationship. 


#17. You have the conviction that you cannot live without them. They have gained so much ground inside your head that they have even led you to think that you are nobody without them.


A relationship with a controlling person is harmful to anyone… You might lose yourself as you get lost in their emotional dependency trap. If you’re in a controlling relationship, it’s high time to free yourself because that’s definitely not LOVE…You are certainly not an object but a beautiful soul deserving of genuine love and respect.






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