6 Tips for a More Honest Relationship

To be honest, is not a relationship norm. It actually depends on you.

Can I break a promise? Can I cover up my mistakes? For once, can I let my partner live a lie?

It’s completely up to you to answer these questions and if the answer lies in a desire for a more honest, truthful and healthier relationship, you can follow these simple tips.

#1. Be Always Ready to Hear the Truth

Be Always Ready to Hear the Truth

When exactly was the last time you said you were fine to your partner when you were not really?

Did you tell him about that new boy who’s been eyeing you for quite some time now?

We’ve all been through these “white lies.”

I know the truth isn’t always easy to confess and some things seem better hidden under the covers. But, when things start getting serious and you want to bring your relationship to the more intimate and honest level, bending the truth is not the outright and best decision.

Truth might hurt sometimes, but lies and deception can only break your relationship into pieces, manipulating your love and shattering your emotions.

The reason why people lie? There are countless of them. But, the worst thing about lying is knowing that you are deceiving the person who’s closest to your heart.

No matter how bitter the truth is, do not be afraid to face it as remember unlike deception, it will not tear you apart but rather bring you closer.

#2. Talk About Things as They Happen

Talk About Things as They Happen

Truth is, relationship issues start to creep in the moment you neglect that chat time with your partner. Postponing important discussions will only make your relationship in sink deeper to a place of no return.

Here’s what most experts, or should I say, love gurus, suggested: Work on a schedule together and create some special chatting time. It could be clearing a little misunderstanding to talk about a problem at work, whatever it is, share it with your partner.

#3. Be as Patient as Possible

Be as Patient as Possible

Impatience comes in different shapes and sizes, sometimes taking the form of struggling with words, screaming or being disrespectful.

There is no perfect communication in a relationship, but patience can help you to express your emotions better.

So, take a few breaths, listen to what they actually have to say and then, with a calm and peaceful mind, add what you think you can say.

#4. Be Honest With Your Reactions

Be Honest With Your Reactions

How do you exactly identify a fake reaction?

Well, your partner might be venting his work frustration on you and you are looking back at him with sweet puppy eyes (not that you cannot have this reaction – even though in my language, it’s called weird).

Trying to hold in your anger and showing a more positive reaction is one thing but always displaying a fake emotion or reaction other than what you are feeling is like you are making a fool out of yourself. A big fool on top of that.

When you are with your partner, forget about polite things or manners, the only way to let your partner know something rubbed you the wrong way is by showing him what you actually feel inside.

#5. Resist Getting All Judgy

Resist Getting All Judgy

You stopped withholding any important information from your partner. You’ve stopped making promises you know you won’t be able to keep. But, you can’t stop yourself from constantly judging them on this and that.

But, when you are judged, you can’t just help but go on defensive mode.

Trust me, this attitude will lead nowhere.

You’ve got a problem with the way he drives or her constant nagging irritates the hell out of you, go ahead and be open, but more polite to what you really want to say.

#6. Admit Your Own Mistakes

Admit Your Own Mistakes

Not my fault, it’s yours!

You started it!

You are the hurdle in my life!

You, you and you. Why can’t it ever be me?

To be honest, I know how satisfying it is to be the winner of that long, tiring fight. But, what does it add to your relationship?

Nothing but a myriad of more complications.


Nothing breaks a heart more than hypocrisy or lack of transparency. Agree with me?


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