5 Factors That Can Definitely Kill Your Love for Your Spouse

When you start a relationship, it’s done with enthusiasm and thinking about all the good things you have and that the other person brings to you. But over time, certain habits can develop that can damage your love affair. There are things that can kill love and can even cause the breakup of a relationship. But what are the things that can hurt a love relationship so much? Let’s learn more about them in this article.


1.Looking at the Phone All the Time

If you are talking to your partner and instead of looking into their eyes while they are explaining something to you, you are looking at your phone screen, something is wrong. Looking at your phone during a conversation with another person is a great lack of respect that cannot be tolerated. In addition, your partner will feel that he or she is not your priority and that other things or people are more important than him or her at the moment.

2.Criticism or Complaints

Constant criticism or complaining burns out someone’s relationship. Complaining about everything in a systemic way or even criticizing or complaining about the couple’s shortcomings can be the death knell of a relationship. For example, if you’re in a relationship and you complain about things but don’t offer solutions, it’s like you’re calling your partner useless all the time, but in reality, if you’re the one who’s constantly complaining, you’re the one who should be looking for solutions, not your partner.

3.Defensive Attitude

When you’re in a relationship, it’s because you want to be part of the same team and follow the same path. But when defensiveness appears in a relationship, everything can go wrong. When one person gets defensive, it sends the message that it doesn’t matter what the other person has to say or how they feel.

When you are in a relationship, it is because you want to be on the same team. Dismissing any criticism or concerns can be detrimental to the relationship because it shows a great lack of responsibility. When a person becomes defensive, he or she is not taking responsibility for his or her actions and is trying to show that the other person is the problem. Defensiveness intensifies the conflict rather than helping to resolve it. In addition, it involves rejecting responsibility for the problems and tries to place all the blame on the couple. It is selfish and immature.

4.Constant Arguments

Couples may start arguing by talking non-stop, but it can become constant and difficult to end. These types of fights seem to be a trap and until someone closes the door on communication, it seems to be a continuum. The problems when arguments are like this are not resolved because the fights are not about the issue, but because of the very painful feelings they generate. Unresolved misunderstandings can hurt love.

5.Loneliness after a Fight

The brightest day can seem the darkest if you feel lonely and hopeless. Couples fights that go unresolved are very painful because the person who originally thought he or she was by your side to dry your tears is only the cause. When he or she doesn’t try to apologize or make things right, you can feel completely alone.

Instead, you learn that if you take care of yourself without needing your partner’s support, why continue in a relationship that, when things get difficult, only complicates everything and disappears on your end, making you feel alone?

These factors are the main things that can definitely kill your relationship and love, resulting in a breakup or divorce. Remember that it always makes two to keep the spark alive in your relationship and the efforts have to come both ways. Try to do the opposite of what we’ve listed above and you will have more chance to strengthen your couple on the long term.

Have you been fighting a lot recently? Share the reasons, if not too personal, of your fights in the comments below. Maybe we could help!

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