Simple Tips to Keep Humor Alive in Your Relationship

There’s not only romance in a relationship.

The fun and joyful moments that stem from laughter can not only amplify feelings of closeness and support but can also strengthen your relationship.

If you want to keep humor alive in your relationship, follow these simple tips.

#1. Going Back to Your Early Years

Going Back to Your Early Years

Sometimes, we are lost in our own world. If you sit down for one minute and think about it – you’ll realize that you don’t even know what you are doing or where you are heading to.

The moment you start to grow up, you start leaving behind you that childish part of yourself.

Don’t you miss that phase of life?

Those beautiful days where thousands of excuses were made up not to go to school or when you could play till the sun reach the other end of the earth but never got time for homework.

Adult life sucks.

But, if you want to find that childhood laughter back and want to share it with your partner, go down the lane of memories.

If the most hilarious memory of your partner comes from his childhood days, spent by sneaking off to the park and playing till nightfall. Go ahead and recreate that magical time of youth.

#2. Get Creative With Your Date Ideas

Get Creative With Your Date Ideas

Okay, I get that, sometimes, no matter how much time you’ve been together, a guy would always want to impress the girl.

And, if I were, to sum up the philosophy of “impressing the girl” in a few words, it would have been a fancy restaurant and coq au vin.

I mean, honestly, dude, do you think you will make the girl go wild with Bordeaux and Carignan.

No, no and no. Instead, you might be screwing your only chance for some hanky panky.

I seriously don’t understand the idea of going to the movies. I mean, what’s the use of paying for movie tickets and buying popcorn when you are going to end up screwing each other.

These types of dates will only cost you some of your precious time and in the end, your relationship is still filled with some awkward silences.

Want to incorporarate some fun in your dates? Here are some ideas:

  • Go to a bug zoo.

Excuse me, what?

You read it right!

See, I love dressing up for dates as much as you, but what’s the use of fancy clothes and makeup if all there is between you two is some weird conversation about work and unnecessary stuff.

For once, trust me and go to a bug zoo and you’ll see how much fun it is to see lots of creepy little insects such as tarantulas and scorpions.

  • Go to a science museum.

No way. Wasn’t it enough that teachers used to bring us there as a sort of punishment?

Well, even then, didn’t you used to sneak off or indulge in some hilarious activities with your friends?

Once again, it would be nice to walk down that memory lane again.

  • Go for a wild ride:

Here’s one of my personal stories: My first ever boyfriend took me to Six Flags Great Adventure for our first date. I had a totally different plan for the first time, but I must tell you it was unexpected, but I had lots of fun.

An adventurous streak will always add a fun touch.

#3. Watch Funny Shows

Watch Funny Shows

Come on, funny shows are designed to make you laugh and watching them in couple mode will create the habit of both of you laughing together and with each other.

So, here are some comedy shows which break all the rules of comedy and take the unexpected road to a great laughter therapy:

  • Friends
  • Sex and the City
  • Boy Meets World
  • The Addams Family
  • Just Shoot Me
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Happy Endings
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • The IT Crowd
  • Seinfeld


According to experts, humor and laughter are not only recommended but rather essential if you want to keep your relationship alive. What is your way of injecting fun into a relationship?


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