Being in a Relationship Doesn’t Mean You Stop Loving Yourself (Part 3)

Everyone dreams of having a happy relationship all their lives, but not everyone is willing to do the work required to get that relationship. But do you want to know the bold truth? Love is doomed without self-love. You need that foundation before you get into relationships. So instead of jumping from unhappy relationships to even more toxic ones… take a break and use that time to get to know yourself. Instead of looking for the love you desire from others, find that love within yourself first. Self-love is the foundation on which you build all your other relationships. It’s all about how much you love yourself… Don’t believe me? Take a look at the following reason why self-love is essential for relationships!


Honey, No One Can Make You Happy the Way You Can Make Yourself Happy!

That’s right! Who knows you better than yourself? Learn how to make yourself happy so you can teach future partners how to make you happy. Either way, you can ruin the perfect relationship or friendship if your relationship with yourself is still not good. If you’ve got no idea how to make yourself happy and your relationship is the only thing that makes you happy, you’re indirectly putting a lot of pressure on your partner to make you happy all the time. Such pressure is really unfair and can ultimately ruin the whole relationship. Another extreme situation is that you are so busy trying to be the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend and make your partner happy that you forget to make yourself happy. You lose yourself in the process and take way too many risks. The solution? Just be 100% yourself and love yourself from the very start. Get to know your true, authentic self and let your light shine bright. That way, the person you’re attracted to will love you as you are, not as a compromised version of you.


You Can’t Rely On Other People To Make You Feel Loved.

Relying on other people to make you feel loved can lead to unhealthy relationships with other people and with yourself. If you don’t have a loving relationship with yourself, you can’t reflect love well in your relationships with others – it’s a fact. When it comes to taking care of yourself, it’s the same concept as “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. Imagine filling yourself with love from the inside instead of the outside, which would mean relying on other people to make you feel loved. Fill yourself with so much love that it overwhelms your relationships with others. The more you love yourself, the more you can give to others, and the more love you will attract from others. Love yourself first, so you don’t have to doubt your own worth and whether you are worthy of being loved by someone else if the relationship doesn’t work out the way you want. And by the way, the answer is yes! YES, you’re worthy! So, work on loving yourself first, the very same way you want your partner to love you!


Well, to sum it up, self-love is crucial in relationships with other people. It changes your thinking so that you look at the relationship you have with yourself in the same way as any other relationship you have with other people in your life. Give your relationship with yourself the same care and love that you give your relationship with your partner. The relationship with yourself is the only relationship you know you’ll have for the rest of your life, so why not make it the best it can be? Check out the first part of the article here!




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