Hit by Cupid’s Arrow: Signs You’ve Fallen Hard for That Person

Once, someone told me that the “butterfly” feeling is not essential when it comes to love. But, what really matters is the commitment and choice.

But, how can you even commit yourself if you don’t even know how you feel? So, if you are unsure about your feelings, here some signs that will tell you whether you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow or not.

#1. You Can’t Stop Staring at Them

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Ever happened to you that you were in a very deep and serious conversation and just turned around and caught them staring at you. And, please, I am not talking about any kind of stare. I mean, you have that I-don’t-like-to-see-your-face-everyday-too stares from your boss or that I-am-going-to eliminate-you-one-day stares from your nemesis. But, what I am referring to is that sweet and loving fixated eye contact which makes you feel so special.

#2. You Feel Like You Had Barrels of Alcohol

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If you are an alcohol drinker (and if you are not, you must be missing so much in life, my dear friend), you must know how it feels exactly when you are high.

Now, here’s the question: did you ever feel high even when you didn’t have one drop of alcohol?

Well, except if you have Auto-Brewery Syndrome, which is a rare medical condition where people experience intoxication and hangovers without drinking a single drop of alcohol, the most probable reason why you felt such is that you have fallen in love with someone.

As per some studies, the brain of someone who is in love and the brain of a person who has taken cocaine is the same. And, all thanks to dopamine, which is behind that feeling (in both cases).

#3. You Will Look in the Mirror Differently

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Read the following scenario carefully (which is somewhat based on my personal life, by the way) and tell me if you find yourself in the same situation.

Before, when I used to look in the mirror, all I used to see is a too-plain-looking person with no really elegant or attractive features. And, then, I would tend to remember all those gorgeous people that I met or even movie stars and compare myself with them. And, of course, that was not helping me at all. But, all of that inferior complexity fades away once I find the right person who loved me for who I really am. And, now I don’t need to look at that reflection to know that I am really stunning. Ok, ok, I won’t exaggerate.”

#4. You Will Talk to Others More Differently

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When you were single, it was something expected to be a bit flirty and lead on other people (especially when it concerns really hot-looking ones). But, now, all this changed.

#5. You Will Spend Your Holidays Differently

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Be it Christmas or summer holidays, you have always spent your vacations either with your family members or with your solitude. But, now it seems as if you want to spend more and more time with that special someone. You can even go to the extent of seeing their family too.

#6. You Will Listen to Songs Differently

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Is your beloved a fan of BTS? Well, first of all, that doesn’t come as a surprise at all as they are really a powerhouse of talent and deserve all that fandom. Oh my god, I am going out of subject. Again.

Ahem, anyway, you might not really be a fan of K-pop or don’t like it at all. But, well, once you fall stupidly in love, you will start to like the things that you used to hate (Yes, and it’s hard to believe, but when you are in love, you can even find the blobfish to be the most attractive animals, even though it’s the complete opposite).

#7. You Forget Your Other Priorities

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Ever had a friend in love? If so, do you remember how much time it took for them to respond to one of your messages? Or, how they vanish the moment they get a call from their beloved, leaving you all alone? Well, maybe now it’s your time.

When you are smitten with someone, forget your friends, you even forget your own priorities.

I love you.” Despite how easily they might be said today, some of us still hold much importance to these three magical words and we will utter them only when we are sure we are on the true path of love.

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