Love Is in the Air: Signs You’ve Fallen for That Person

Ever felt those butterflies in your stomach? Or felt the constant need to chat with them? What about the sudden desire to buy new clothes to impress them?

Love is a beautiful feeling (even though how much it might hurt sometimes). But, everyone experiences love in different ways and sometimes we are not honest with our feelings.

If you are unable to recognize your own feelings, here are some signs that can help you analyze whether you have fallen in love or not.

#1. You Are on Cloud Nine

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People are happy when they get a promotion at work, receive gifts or win the lottery. But, what about that cheesy smile on your face when you just see that “someone?” Or, what about that little ecstatic feeling you get in your heart when that someone says something nice about you?

Well, when you are in love, it seems like you can become the happiest person on earth. Sometimes, the simple thought of spending time with that person or just the mention of his/her name can excite you. And, even when there’s something really bad happening in your life, like a demotion at work (which is the worst really), your life will still appear bright and happy (of course, as long as that person is with you).

#2. You Are a Little Bit (or Too Much) Nervous

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Tell me honestly, don’t you keep replaying your discussions in your mind and analyzing the text messages you guys exchange over and over again?

When you are falling for someone, it is completely normal to freak out a bit.

However, there are also some people who will be more than anxious as they want their relationships to last.

#3. You Feel Adventurous

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Don’t worry, you are not the only one to suddenly feel open to try sushi or wear orange. We’ve all been there. And, trust me, it’s not just your eating habit and your dressing code that will change, but there will be so much more (like going for life-scaring bungee jumping). And, love is so powerful that it can make you more daring and try new things that you wouldn’t have even dreamed of before.

#4. Everything Feels New and Exciting

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You must have watched Titanic a dozen times and even get bored with the stupid sacrifice scene (you know where Rose lies on a floating piece of debris and could have made some room for Jack). But, when you are watching it again with that someone special, that movie suddenly becomes special and it feels as if it’s the first time you are watching it.

When you are willing to do something that you already did and even find joy in doing it again, it means that you want to spend more time with that person (and of course, you know what it means).

#5. You Ignore Other Attractive People

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Another sign that you have fallen head over heels for that person is when you won’t even notice if Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth (all the Hollywood Chrises are drool-worthy) or Angelina Jolie is standing in front of you.

No matter how much stunning other people are, you won’t even spare a glance in their direction and will be too busy fixing your partner.

#6. You Are Counting the Seconds Until They Text You Back

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I think we can all relate to this feeling.

When was the last time you kept looking at your phone and counting the seconds until they text you back?

#7. You Notice That Literally Everything Reminds You of Them

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Watching Extraction? That’s their favorite action movie.

Eating sizzling beef with stir fried vegetables? That’s their favorite dish.

Wearing blue? That’s their favorite color (and I know you will keep wanting to wear blue then).

Listening to BTS? Oh, their sister really loves that K-pop group (and I love them too, by the way).

#8. You Talk About Things You’ll Do Together in the Future

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Now, I am not talking about marriage, but rather, how unconsciously, you keep referring to things that will happen in the future.

You might talk about Taylor Swift’s concert that’s in four months or the trip that you want to make next summer.

You keep referring to future events as you want them to be always with you, even in the near future.

Maybe you never recognized the feelings before as you know what they said, love is blind. But, no worries, we are here to help you meet your one and only.


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