What to Do in Case of Psychological Abuse in a Couple?

According to a survey on psychological violence against women, more than 8% of women are affected throughout a country. It is a phenomenon that contributes to the loss of dignity and freedom of the victims. Although several associations help these people, many victims do not know how to deal with it.

Identifying Oneself In This Form of Mistreatment

It is impossible to find solutions to face a situation if it is not recognized as real. Thus, the first step in dealing with this form of emotional abuse is to acknowledge its existence. The person who is being dominated must face up to the fact that they do not deserve it.

Why Is This Step Necessary?

Welfare professionals report that psychological abuse in a relationship creates doubt and confusion. Therefore, the abused person must go through this recognition phase to better reposition themselves in their struggle.

The victimized spouse must take stock of all the treatment they have suffered at the hands of their partner. If they notice that malicious acts or words have damaged their personality at the end of this process, there is reason to conclude that psychological abuse has occurred.

Dare to Talk About It

When you conclude that you are being psychologically abused in your relationship, it is essential not to stop there. The next step is to talk about it. In many cases, it has been noted that those around the abused person condone this treatment.

Talking about it with someone is a way for you to take control of the situation. It is common to find someone willing to listen to you and fight with you to regain your integrity. Discussing the situation with someone will help you realize your value as a person.

You can also benefit from their advice and support in resolving the situation. In another sense, you may be approached by an outsider who has noticed your problem, and it is a helping hand that comes at the right time.

Psychological Abuse
Psychological Abuse

Coming Out of Isolation

Spouses who psychologically oppress their partners lock them up in a kind of isolation, which limits their actions. To get out of this isolation, you should contact the emergency lines available n your region. Usually, these are free telephone services managed by associations. After active listening, you will be directed to professionals who will offer you a complete accompaniment. You can also refer to a psychotherapist who, beyond listening, will provide you with active and well-directed help. Sometimes, the process leads to the involvement of the police if your children’s lives are threatened.

Rebuilding Your Life

At the end of a situation of marital psychological abuse, you are left with after-effects. There may be deterioration or even a loss of self-esteem. It is manifested by reticence or fear in all areas of the subject’s life. In most cases, victims develop a fear of returning to their job or committing again. On the other hand, after a fight against psychological abuse in the home, you should try everything to get back on track.

To do this, you need to turn to psychologists for the best advice. You can opt for virtual or face-to-face consultations. The bottom line is that the therapy offered to you would be adapted to your needs. This is the best way to come back stronger after psychological abuse within a relationship. Visiting friends or family members who can help you get your personality back is also a good idea.

How did you tackle psychological abuse if you’ve ever experienced it? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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