When a Girl Wants to Kiss You: Read These 5 Unmistakable Signs

She’s got that dreamy look. She’s licking her lips. Now, she’s biting them. That’s the sign you should just release all that sexual tension and just grab her lips. But, what if she pushes you away? Or, worse, what if she doesn’t want to see you ever again?

Relax, I know how stressful such situations can be, especially when you don’t want to be called a pervert who can’t seem to wait to stick his tongue down the throat of his girlfriend. But, if you want to be sure she’s ready to kiss you, here are some subtle hints that you have the moral obligation to kiss her.

#1. She Glances Dreamily at You

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If you’ve seen it before, you know what I mean. But, if this hasn’t happened to you yet, then well, don’t worry, I’m sure your luck will come too.

It’s no secret that eye contact is an extremely important body language that can create a very deep emotional connection between two individuals. However, I am talking about that look…you know when it feels a bit different, when you can actually feel the girl’s interest and when you can tell she is having those wild thoughts about you. In other words, it’s that lustful eye contact that screams, “kiss me, you good for nothing!”

However, don’t just go for the glassy eyes as it might not be what you are thinking of. Here’s what one of my friends (who is an advanced seducer, by the way) said: sometimes girls can have that bedroom eyes…without wanting to. Quite scary, isn’t it?

So, here’s a secret on how you should test the waters: if she is gazing deeply into your eyes or glancing from your eyes to your lips, tell her,“if you keep looking at me like that, I will have to kiss you”.

Now, here’s the thing, if she simply laughs or smiles, just go for it, you have my blessing (but, don’t come to me if she rejects you as that would either mean my theory is wrong or there’s a problem with your kissing technique).

#2. She Gets You To Play With Her Hair

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Taking these examples from my personal experience:

  • The girl will ask you what do you think about her hair. Actually, she doesn’t really care about your opinion, she just knows that you will touch it before giving your point of view.
  • If you are sitting down on a couch, she will try to put your hands in her hair.
  • Or, you might find her constantly trying to put her head in your arms (a pretty indirect way to force you to caress her hair)

If you notice these signs, it means that your girl wants you to “man up” and kiss her once and for all. But, if you ignore these signs or feel like you are not ready for that bold move yet, well, it’s going to hurt your masculine ego as she will dump you for sure.

#3. She Won’t Stop Complimenting You

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Boys are experts at seducing “chicks.” But, how does a girl seduce a boy?

Here are three common (simple) methods:

  • When she keeps flattering you (telling you how attractive you are, even when you look like Steve Buscemi)
  • Raising your masculine ego
  • Making you dependent on her validation

#4. She Tries To Seduce You

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The seducing stage is not yet done.

  • If you got a clear view of her cleavage when she dropped something and was trying to pick it up, know that it was not your luck but her staged-up “accident” to seduce you.
  • Wearing revealing clothes means she is giving you that “Sooo…” invitation.
  • Touching her body in a seductive way means she wants to arouse your uncontrollable lust and dirty imagination.

I could go on and on, but I think you got a pretty good idea about the signs that she wants to kiss you. Heck, I’d say she wants to devour more than just your lips.

#5. She’s Always Touching You

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When you want to get your lips on her, you will constantly try touching her. But, when she wants to kiss you, she will try to initiate a lot of physical contact.

What are some clear examples?

  • She is always reaching for things by touching you in the process.
  • She is the first to hold your hand.
  • She seems to always put up her hand on your thigh, which sometimes goes a bit too far up.
  • She always wants to sit on your lap.
  • Secrets or not, she loves to whisper in your ear

The perfect kissing moment doesn’t exist. But, if you stop saying it’s too early and make that bold move, your johnson will thank me later. I promise.


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