Why Should You Marry Your Best Friend? (Part 1)

Love, passion, and desire are emotions that we want to feel for the rest of our lives for our partner, but if there’s no true friendship and all the feelings it encompasses, the relationship can easily crumble like a house of cards. The person with whom you’re tying the knot should be your best friend. But when I say marry your best friend, I don’t mean you have to fall in love with that friend with whom you’ve been to school or that mate who used to invite you over to play at their house. But to that person with whom you fell deeply in love with, no matter how long you know them, you are willing to stay with them till death do you apart.

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So yes, marry the one you wouldn’t mind waking up every day for the rest of your life, the one who makes you feel happy and alive every day and who, even in bad times, reminds your heart of the reasons why you must smile. Don’t settle for just someone who walks you to the movies on Fridays or who makes you feel like you’re not such a bad choice. No! Get married to the one who gives you butterflies and makes your stomach twists with excitement whenever you hear their voice… Someone with whom you can have a mature and healthy discussion and reach a common solution… Someone with whom you can project a future together.

Marry someone without expectations…without expecting them to solve your every problem – but you know they’ll still be there to make you feel relieved and to remind you of how much you are worth being loved. That person who believes in you when you forget to do it. The one who makes you fall more in love with yourself and celebrates your achievements with you—someone who offers to be your refuge in your falls. Marry someone who knows exactly what you want to say when the words don’t suit your feelings – someone who knows when you need to laugh and when to cry. But above all, get married to that person who doesn’t want to fix or change you…Marry someone who brings out the best version of yourself.  So let’s see more fantastic reasons why you should marry your best friend!


If You Marry Your Best Friend, They Will Remember What Foods You Hate – #CoupleGoals

Pin on A L L W E N E E D I S L O V E

One of the best parts of marrying your best friend is that you always remember what foods you like and what foods you cannot bear. They won’t order a vegetarian pizza with green olives because they know you don’t like them. On the flip side, they’ll also remember your favorite foods, so you can always count on them to order an extra side of pickles with your burger and fries.


They Remember The Things You’re Allergic To

The best thing about marrying your BFF is they will never forget what you are allergic to, and you can rely on them to ensure that you avoid contact with as many allergens as possible. If they can’t help you avoid an allergen, like pollen, they will do everything they can to make you feel better.


They Kinda Read Your Mind

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Another fabulous reason to marry your best friend is that they always understand what you are trying to say without actually having to say it. That could be understanding a particular look from across the room or even guessing a movie title with a simple wave of the hand. One thing’s for sure; you two probably rock into charades!


Life is more than just finding someone who understands you. It’s about commitment and consequences, being patient and tolerant. You don’t marry someone just because they understand you, but because they are someone who strives to go further and achieve more TOGETHER with you. You marry someone who cares about you and who would sail with you to the end of the world over any adversity. Stay tuned for the second part for more fabulous reasons to marry your BFF.


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