Why Should You Marry Your Best Friend? (Part 2)

It’s well known that most people fall in love with their best friend at some point. You’ve probably seen relationships where lovers were first best friends and then took things to another level! Sometimes, tying the knot with your best friend means the two of you have been together for a long time. While many might think things will get boring, the two of you will disagree. Knowing each other for a long time just means that you have created more memories together. So, in this blog, we gonna see why you should marry your best friend! You’ll enjoy looking back at the good old days and laugh at each other.


You Can Fart, Burp, Poop in Front Of Each Other

Do you remember that book, Everyone Poops? Well, they are not wrong! One benefit of marrying your best friend is that you can be rude in front of each other and not have to be ashamed of it. Instead of feeling embarrassed by that fart that you’ve been trying to put up with until you left the room, the two of you can laugh. Sure, everyone has their limits, but both of you will know what those limits are as best friends.


Allow You to Vent When You Need to Complain

Every once in a while, you have a rough day that requires large amounts of wine and a ventilation session. If you marry your best friend, make sure you always have someone listen to you for thirty minutes about that awful colleague from hell. They know you simply need to get everything out of your system, so they won’t say anything but will just be an ear!


You Will Always Have Someone to Make You Laugh

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When you end up delirious like crazy, your best friend will be there to make you laugh. Before you know it, you will have forgotten whatever was bothering you first, and you can relax with your partner.


When You Marry Your Best Friend, You’ll Always Find Ways To Have Fun

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You are expected to have fun together when you are married to your best friend. The two of you might be stranded on the side of the road in the pouring rain, but you’ll surely find some ways to make this moment fun and memorable. While most people would feel annoyed and be miserable, the two of you will make the most of this less desirable situation and jump in puddles and dance in the rain like crazy.


You Don’t Mind Spending The Weekend At Home Because You’re Together

Funny Yet Adorable Things Couples In Long-Term Relationships Do

After a long week at work, you sometimes want to spend the weekend at home. Your best friend doesn’t mind staying home and relaxing together. Plus, your partner probably doesn’t mind spending the weekend without makeup and in pyjamas when you’re both together.


Reduce Anxiety

Many people struggle with anxiety, but not everyone has someone who can help them deal with it. Just knowing that you have someone to help you overcome it can ease the burden. When you marry your best friend, they’ll understand what your anxiety means and know exactly how to help you overcome it.


Feeling Comfortable In Each Other’s Company

Even married people don’t always feel 100 percent comfortable with their partner, but if you’re married to someone who is your best friend, you’re more likely to be. Don’t take this relationship lightly because life is much easier when you can be yourself.


Marry Your Best Friend Because They Don’t Care If You Gain Weight

It is said that people are often let go when they get married. Whether this is true or not, your partner won’t care what you look like because they love you just the way you are. But this doesn’t mean you should neglect your health!


Want to know more reasons why you should definitely marry your best friend? Stay tuned for the next part! And don’t forget to check the first part of this article!





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